Administrator’s Log – October 2017

I actually should have written and published this post about eleven or twelve days ago. However, I succumbed to be busy-ness of my ministry routine and failed to force myself to pound (type) it out.

So here goes my October log of activity. It began on the first day of the month. Amazing, huh? But the first day of the month was a Sunday and we were in Bostic, North Carolina with Cooper Springs CH Church. I was the invited preacher for the morning worship service and I shared some about Mission USA. After service, we enjoyed a good lunch in Forrest City with Pastor Montieth and his family. Driving back South after the lunch meal, we dropped in at the River of Life CH Church in Nicholson, Georgia. Amazingly, we arrived just in time for an evening fellowship meal with Pastor Ivester and the congregation. Good timing, huh?

I worked from home on Monday due to the lethargy caused by some powerful prescription medications. Tuesday morning (10/8) began with a meeting with my accountability partner and followed with the week’s office hours. Wednesday evening, we were blessed to be in attendance at Living Waters CH Church.

On the following Saturday (10/7), we drove to Cleveland, Georgia for overnight lodging. I was the guest preacher at New Haven CH Church and then we enjoyed a great lunch Pastor Hicks, who is soon to retire. We drove from South from Gainesville to Cochran, Georgia. I preached the Sunday night service at Empire PH Church and then we began our annual sabbatical. For midweek service we also attended Empire PH Church.

The following Sunday (10/15) found us in a little North Georgia spot called Demorest. There, at Bethel Temple CH Church, I preached both Sunday services to an appreciative congregation. We also enjoyed a good lunch with a friend, Geoffrey Dillard. The work week included many office hours and once again, we were blessed to be in attendance at Living Waters CH Church for midweek service. On Thursday, Rev. Scotty Poole and I made a quick trip to Glen Saint Mary, Florida and back. This was to pick up Christmas Shoeboxes for a missions project.

On the Sunday morning of 10/22, I was the guest preacher at Mountain Gap PH Church, located in The Rock, Georgia. With a week full of office hours in the workweek, I was beginning to be in search of another day off. And that’s exactly what I did on Saturday (10/28) after working half the day from home.

The congregation of Living Waters CH Church had to look at us once again as we attended Sunday morning worship service with them (10/29). The workweek began on Monday as we feverishly continued preparations for the next School of Youth Leadership.

That makes up the brief summary of my October and I can’t help but feel like I have left something out. Nonetheless, we count it an honor to stay busy for the Lord. I am grateful to have a place of service in the Kingdom of God.



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