Administrator’s Log – July 2017

As we are on the last day of July, it’s time to chronicle our Mission USA ministry activity highlights and give God thanks.

Flags of the WorldOn Saturday the 1st, Lisa and I were privileged to be on the Circle as the Hansons were moving into the General Superintendent’s Parsonage. We prepared lunch to feed about twenty of those who were assisting in that move. Then, on Sunday the 2nd, we left early for Montgomery, AL. We presented Jubilee Christian Fellowship and Pastor Mark H. Pate with a Mission USA Excellence Award. It was sweet to be able to be used by God and preach in both of their Sunday services. We enjoyed sweet meals and fellowship. The added bonus was having our friends John & Ellen Duncan join us for worship.
Wednesday morning the 5th, we left out and attended the East Carolina CHC Camp Meeting service. We left there on Thursday morning and drove to Shingle Hollow Campground. There, we attended the West Carolina CHC Camp Meeting service. On Friday morning, we were blessed to be in attendance and assist the West Carolina District CHC Conference business meeting. After lunch there, we drove home. Saturday morning the 8th found me in Deatsville, AL. There, as the requested parliamentarian, I assisted the South Alabama District Conference business meeting. After lunch there, I drove home. On Sunday morning the 9th, we drove to Cochran, GA to be with Strong Tower Ministries CHC and Pastor Chris Bambrough. It was a joy to preach to that receptive congregation. They always give us warm hospitality.
On Tuesday morning the 11th, we drove back to Deatsville, AL for South Alabama CHC Camp Meeting. It was my honor to preach that morning’s service and attend the evening service with Rev. J Phillip Stanley preaching. We drove home that night.
On Saturday morning the 15th, we drove to Piedmont, AL. There, as the requested parliamentarian, I assisted the North Alabama District Conference business meeting. This is the CHC District where I hold ministry credentials. We had lunch in Jacksonville, AL with Pastor John & Dara Cole. On Sunday morning the 16th, we were blessed to be with Jacksonville CH Church and Pastor Gary Watts. We presented them with a Mission USA Excellence Award. It was a delight to minister the message to this receptive congregation. Lisa and I still hold church membership there. After a great lunch with the Watts family, we headed for a brief visit with Lisa’s mom. Sunday evening, we visited with Piedmont CH Church and Pastor Matt Turner. Matt & Anna are doing a fabulous job in this pastorate. After a good post-church meal and fellowship, we drove home.

On Tuesday the 18th, we headed to Christiansburg, VA for the last Youth Camp visit of 2017. So we spent Wednesday evening with the Virginia District Youth Camp in Shawsville. Elvia Reed and her youth camp board were in full swing with a wonderful camp. We owe special thanks to Ed & Debbie Gallimore for hosting us and providing two nights of lodging in Virginia. We left their home on Thursday morning and got home in time to attend the Thursday night service of Central Georgia CHC Camp Meeting with Rev. Quint Shepherd preaching. After sleeping for a few minutes we got up on Friday morning the 21st and headed back to North Alabama CHC Camp Meeting. It was a blessing to be at our home Camp Meeting and in the opening night service with Rev. Terry Tramel preaching. We stayed over for the Saturday morning youth service with Pastor Matt Turner preaching. We left out and drove home for preparation for the next day.

On Sunday morning the 23rd we drove to Athens, GA. It was a pleasure to fill the pulpit at Christian Life Worship Center (PH Church) at the request of Bishop Tim Lamb. After a good lunch, we drove back to Piedmont, AL for Sunday night service at North Alabama Camp Meeting. For the Monday morning Camp Meeting service, I was blessed to provide the morning message. After Monday lunch, we headed home for some rest.

On Friday morning the 28th, we headed to Lula, GA to attend the funeral services of Pastor Sammy Pruitt. The officiating ministers did well with honoring him and his family. After lunch with the Cooks, we drove on to Union Grove Campground in Cleveland to attend the opening Friday night service of the North Georgia CHC Camp Meeting. God used Rev. Justin Griffis to bring us a great message. After a full breakfast there, we left out on Saturday to drive to Elgin, SC. Then for Sunday the 30th, the Lord allowed us to worship with Lighthouse Christian Ministries CHC. At the request of Pastor Marc Sanders, I preached both Sunday services. Afterward, we drove home and here we are today.
With devotions and workouts behind us, we will continue to work from home today. We give God the glory for the 4,700 miles that July held. And, I was even able to complete some office hours and many hours of work from home and on the road. Included, but the details cannot be shared publicly are the hours of coaching, counseling, and caring for other ministry leaders. It is a privilege to be used of God and work in His Kingdom and we esteem it highly.
Please do call out our names in prayer. God alone is able to keep us and continue to make us effective for the glory of His Son.Cover Photo

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