100 – It’s Not a BIG Deal

Have you ever given much thought as to why the number 100 appears to be so important to the world?

It’s the number of yards on a football field. It’s the perfect score on an exam. It’s the number of years in a century. And counting this one, it’s the number of published posts here at “a different perspective.”


Why is 100 a big deal to me and this blog? Well, I wasn’t sure that I would ever schedule the time to sustain this long enough to see that many published posts. I’m not the most prolific at any one thing in life and well, sometimes, maintaining this site does require what feels like work.

It’s not work in the sense of physical and toilsome labor. It’s the mentally challenging and spiritually rewarding kind of burden that never really leaves my psyche. I began this blog site as an extension of the ministry that God has placed me in. Believing that I was convinced by His Spirit that this was something I should do, I published my first post on October 8, 2015. This endeavor has taken valuable mental work to learn much more than I did.

Though I wouldn’t give this blog and it’s one hundred articles a perfect score of 100, I do feel a certain sense of accomplishment. It is nice to know that I have challenged myself to learn a new skill set. Additionally, I have learned more about writing in general and specifically, that blog writing is somewhat unique in its craft.


100! That number really is a big deal. For me, that means that there is now a great deal of help, inspiration, and encouragement available that has been filtered through my mind and prayerfully offered to others.

In biblical antiquity, the number 100 has some impressive details attached:

  • Father Abraham was 100 years old when Isaac, the son of promise was born. The beauty of seeing God’s promise fulfilled must have been very fulfilling. See Genesis 21:1-7.
  • Under the law of Deuteronomy, to wrongly accuse a virgin of Israel and bring her shame was devastating to the parties involved. The least of which was a fine imposed of 100 silver shekels. See Deuteronomy 22:13-20.
  • King Saul promised his daughter in marriage to the younger and powerful (King-elect) David if he could secure the foreskins of 100 Philistines. What a dowry! David was an overachiever and doubly valued the opportunity. By gruesome deed, he indeed became the King’s son-in-law. See 1st Samuel 18.
  • In the Parable of the Lost Sheep, it is the 100th that is lost and in need of saving. Thus demonstrating that every one out of one hundred is of the utmost importance to Heaven. See Matthew 18:10-14.
  • There is a 100-fold blessing promised to those who have left all behind to follow the Lord. This designates the abundant quality of eternal life in our full salvation. See Mark 10:23-30.
  • When it was time to prepare the body of our Savior for burial in Joseph’s (of Arimathea) borrowed tomb, Nicodemus (the same who came to Jesus by night) brought about a 100-pound mixture of myrrh and aloes. Why not about ninety pounds or about seventy-five pounds? See John 19:38-42.

In my own preaching ministry, the number 100 also held significance. In order to qualify for ministry ordination, I had to document that I had preached 100 sermons, among many other requirements. So, I began a ministry-log many years ago to keep up with those needed entries. Today I still maintain that spreadsheet so I can keep up with a record of what I have preached and where I have preached it. This Ministry Log proves to be quite valuable with sermon titles, Scripture used, and significant spiritual experiences recorded.

I know, 100 is probably not a big deal to you. But today, 100 is once again highly significant to me because it represents a small victory. I believe in celebrating the small victories of life. Even though this 100th blog post is really no big deal and not worth boasting about, I still like knowing and celebrating that I have helped others a little in their journey of life.

I thank God for all 100 posts. I thank you for reading, following, and subscribing to my blog. If nothing else, I trust that I have caused you think more.

What about the number 100 in your life? Has it ever held any significance for you? Tell me about it in the comments below. Or simply laugh at me for taking the time to write about 100.



Thank You!


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