Faith & Certainty: Knowing God’s Will

Have you ever wished for a compelling experience with God, whereby you could hear a voice from Heaven with clarity?

I have. There are times when such an encounter would appear to be the perfect solution to God’s sometimes elusive perfect will.

Confession: I have this issue with what we Christians describe as God’s perfect (individualized) will. Sometimes, I don’t recognize it until it has appeared in my life’s rearview mirror.

Abram fell face down on the ground, and God spoke directly with him. While lying flat on the ground in humility, our Sovereign provided him with clear instructions that shaped the remainder of his days (see Genesis 17).

What about Moses and his burning bush? God gave him revelation and instruction, which yielded his destiny (see Exodus 3).

Does God still speak to His people? Can mere mortals hear the voice of God? Yes, unequivocally. Yet, He alone chooses how and when He will communicate with His people in His sovereignty.

Oh, that God would rend the Heavens and speak as directly to us as He did to Abram and Moses!

On second thought, was it a privilege or a burden to possess such a degree of certainty? After each visitation, surely a few dozen questions arose to satisfy the human heart, which craves every detail in certainty.

We crave certainty because, with it, we secretly desire to control the unknown details of our own fate. However, the future can not be controlled. It can only be embraced. Faith embraces Jesus Christ, who is “the beginning and the end” and “the author and finisher of our faith” (Revelation 1:8 & Hebrews 12:2). In contrast, certainty tries to pin down every minutia of detail.

Most often in life, my clarity has come through Holy Spirit illumination arising from the routine of reading Scripture and devotional thoughts. It is in the quietness of such time in His presence that I discern the voice of God.

As revealed in the pages of the New Covenant of grace where I dwell, God’s will is that I am called to follow Christ by faith. I am only privileged to know with certainty that which He chooses to graciously provide. To insist upon the details that He mercifully withholds only brings me undue stress and the forfeiture of daily peace.

In reality, with the beloved gift of Holy Scripture, we New Testament believers have greater access to the living Word of God than the patriarchs of old. Abiding therein is the first key to discerning the individualized will of God for our lives.

What can I know with certainty without frustrating the grace of God? I know God desires to use me for His glory (not mine). Like the Sweet Psalmist of Israel, I can say: I trust in You, O Lord. You are my God! My times are in Your hands (see Psalm 31).

Certainty is never satisfied, but faith says, “my times are in Your hands.”


Psalm 84:5 teaches that God blesses the man “whose strength is in You, whose heart is set on pilgrimage.” Therein rests my certainty: (Insert your name here) William’s times are in God’s hands. I can trust Him to lead me through my journey.

As a pilgrim on a journey of faith, I can trust the One whose strength is guiding me. Perhaps, my heart is better stated by songwriters Martin and Gabriel, who penned these words circa 1905:

“Let not your heart be troubled” / His tender Word I hear,
And resting on His goodness, / I lose my doubt and fear;
Though by the path He leadeth, / But one step I may see:

His eye is on the sparrow, / And I know He watches me;
His eye is on the sparrow, / And I know He watches me.”

By faith, I am certain that my best and most insightful years of ministry are ahead.

How good are you at knowing God’s individualized and perfect will for your life? Have you ever wished that God would rend the heavens and speak directly to you? What do you think about this comparison and contrast between faith and certainty?

Comment below, and let’s keep the conversation moving forward.

6 thoughts on “Faith & Certainty: Knowing God’s Will

  1. William, thank you. Not many people talk or write on this subject in our common language. Trusting His will, even when we at times may veer, He has already planned such times as to be figured into His plans for us. Many times I have been uncertain, but going forward in trust, He has proven His will in those times.

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  2. For me it is not a question of faith so much as trust. Do I really believe He will always work things out for my best.
    In so far as hearing Him, I am coming to believe the scriptures. We are encouraged that “just as Jesus was, so are we in the earth”. Jesus, obviously, heard the father, therefore, whatever was possible for Him is also possible for me through the redemptive work of the cross, and the same power that raised Him from the dead.
    Am I there, no, not yet, but I believe that is the destiny for myself and His entire bride.
    Training for reigning!

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