It’s My Coffee Story and I’m Sticking to It


I like coffee.


While I don’t like all coffees and I’m selective, I’m not what you’d call a coffee snob.

Most of my mornings start successfully because of my daily goal. My goal is to begin each day with Jesus and java. Or as I have said at other times, I’m a member of the BBB Club. For those of you who aren’t members, that’s the Bible Before Breakfast Club. Daily devotional time and coffee seem to have been created to go together. I can, however, enjoy Jesus and the Bible without coffee. But I always enjoy coffee better, with Jesus and the Bible.


My taste in coffee is somewhat related to my spending philosophy. I’m not cheap, but I am choosy about how I waste my money. So, when I traveled constantly for ministry, I became a fan of McDonald’s brew. For the price and taste, it was my out of town choice for a hot cup. And perhaps my favorite thing about McDonald’s coffee is the consistency I discovered from town to town. For the most part, their coffee was the same taste from state to state and region to region. So, I’m just not into the most expensive and heavy tasting of brews. I mean, why in the world would I pay five times the amount for what is less than my acquired taste?


What about at home consumption? Lisa and I have experimented here and there throughout our adulthood. Yes, we enjoy taste and convenience, but we also switch name brands occasionally. We usually purchase it on sale with the combination of coupons and such to minimize the expense. And we’re not afraid to buy it in bulk either. When traveling, we sometimes lodge in places where good coffee is hard to come by. So yes, we travel with Taster’s Choice instant coffee in our luggage. Just add hot water and we are well on our way to waking up.

I can drink it black, but my preference is with a little creamer. It doesn’t have to be the high end flavored creamer. I’m actually quite content with powdered creamer. And if I didn’t pack my favorite and I’m in need of coffee, yes, just about any coffee is better than no coffee. A few times and from different places, I have purchased some southern pecan flavored coffee beans for the house. That’s a pretty special aroma and taste on a cold morning.


Is coffee my addiction, or vice? Let me think about that. I’ll confess that I enjoy the first thing of the morning caffeine boost. But I can enjoy a decaffeinated brew just as much. There’s just something about a hot cup of warm coffee. It’s comforting, soothing, and well… it moves me.

There have been times in my life when I gave up coffee from a few days to a few weeks. So in case, you don’t know, let me explain. Caffeine withdrawal is no joke. The intensity of headaches from going cold turkey is probably not worth it unless you have a strong personal conviction for temporary abstinence or you plan on quitting altogether. But for the individual who has to give up coffee and caffeine for a limited time, I suggest a gradual weaning off of caffeine unless you like headaches and lethargy.

There have also been times when I simply overdid it with consumption. I have learned that my system doesn’t quickly process caffeine. So I try to cut out any regular coffee after the ten o’clock hour. Any desires after then are satisfied with the decaffeinated kind.


Did I mention yet that I like coffee? Don’t criticize me. I’m still under construction. Sometimes, I look forward to going to bed at night because I know that first thing in the morning, I get to have more coffee. Maybe you think I like coffee too much. And maybe I think you just need another cup. Besides, this is my coffee story and I’m sticking to it.


I’m about to finish my last cup for the day, so I’ll see you around the coffee pot. Comment below and tell me a little about your coffee preferences.

6 thoughts on “It’s My Coffee Story and I’m Sticking to It

  1. I think you shoulda stopped before that last cup. 😉 Only kidding!

    I’m not old enough to drink coffee! 🙂 But I’m A-D-D-I-C-T-E-D to diet coke. That’s my morning pleasure/vice with my Bible study and prayer journal. But I am totally a DC snob – no knock offs, and no, Diet Pepsi will NOT work.

    But maybe I should have read this before a couple weeks ago! Drinking 4 DC on Sunday April 3, then beginning a 40 day DC fast was NOT the best idea in regard to headaches! 🙂

    Cheers to y’all! Your coffee and my coke (in 29 more days!). Unless you want to pray that I can kick that habit for good. Happy weekend, y’all!

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    • Thanks for the comment. It sounds like you are also a member of the BBB Club. I too enjoy a nice DC sometimes. Occasionally with a lunch sandwich, a decaf diet soda will really hit the spot. God bless you as you complete your fast. Have a great Friday evening.

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  2. Pastor William, I too am a morning coffee consumer. I have had at least a cup (+) a day since September 1, 2014. I didn’t drink coffee at all during August of that year. I was experimenting with “30 days without” that year. Each month I went without something that routinely consumed or did. Luckily, I realized that I wasn’t addicted to coffee, so I resumed partaking…. Haven’t missed a day since!

    I now drink my coffee black, but I can take it most any way the host can fix it. I do regular in the morning and try to do no caffeine after lunch.

    Coffee is one thing that I can go without, but the Word and my prayer-time, well, I just don’t need to miss that. It is much too important to miss…..

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  3. My favorite is Maxwell house coffee, I like french vanilla creamer. But don’t always spend the extra on the vanilla flavor, and yes I use power because it’s more economical. I drink 2-3 cups every morning. And no more after that. I hate to start a day without coffee, I’m likely to walk into walls without it. And I consider it a public service not to get 8n my car and drive if I haven’t had at least 1 cup.

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