They Say It’s My Birthday

cat_feline_sleeping_catThis is kind of a strange one as far as mornings go. I arose from a rather restless night’s sleep like I’ve done on many other days. Why was it restless? It’s a common occurrence for me to not have the best night’s sleep after engaging in evening spoken ministry. Though it’s not a certainty, by this point in life I’m kind of used to not resting wonderfully well after leading a spoken ministry event. Tuesday night, I was involved in the facilitating and teaching of an evangelism course. We’re learning to share Jesus without fear. And Wednesday night found me teaching the small group Bible study group we fellowship with. It was a BLAST to discuss faith with them as we learned lessons from Hebrews eleven. Anecdotal evidence tells me that I’m not alone in this restless sleep pattern. Many people in spoken ministry have shared similar occurrences with me through the years. Sometimes it happens on the Saturday night before as a minister is mentally preparing.

However, the strange thing about this morning is that they say it’s my birthday. I am certain that this is Thursday, February 25th, 2016. And it has been on this yearly calendar day for many years that I have observed a time of reflection and celebration of my birth. But was I really born on this day?! Who can really prove that this day is the day that I was born? Were you there? I was. question_questions_talkBut I have no recollection of this event, which is causing multiple social media notifications to my social media accounts. As far as I have been told, there is only one other person alive that was there when it happened. But she is not here for me to interrogate. She passed over seventeen of these “birthdays” ago.

Growing up, Mother told me that I was born in Pueblo, Colorado, during a blizzard at night. She was a scared teenager and traveled as far away from home as she could get. So from her home in Jacksonville, Florida, she ran. At least this is what was told me. But I have no recollection of these events, though I was in the room firmly seeded in her womb. Now here’s a thought… in the womb. Since I was present from conception, why must I celebrate the day of my birth and not the conception? Why are the years of my life measured from the time of delivery instead of the point of conception? Today, I am actually all these years old, plus forty weeks.

Nonetheless, I am grateful for all of the good wishers who have taken the time to send me birthday greetings and share kind words. But more than any of those greetings, I am most grateful for the graceful greeting granted me in the wee hours of my first conscious thoughts of this day. You know, that time when you’re not really asleep but you’re not really awake either. It was in those moments of this morning that a certain chorus was circling and playing in my mind. It’s not one that I’ve worshiped with over the last week or so in any service or session that I was in attendance. But nonetheless, this message from Heaven was speaking to me the most precious of Birthday greetings. What was it? I guess I can share my personal moment with you. I think it’s written by Bill Gaither, entitled More of You.

“More of You, more of You.
I’ve had it all but what I need, just more of You.
Of things I’ve had my fill. And yet, I hunger still,
Empty and bare; Lord hear my prayer, For more of You.”

lightstock_91983_medium_williamThat was a great way to wake up on this supposed day of my birth, with a Spirit-inspired prayer for more of the Lord in my life. It’s quite true that the only thing I stand in need of in this life is for more of Him. So you can stop searching for just the right gift for me and do me a favor. Pray for me to experience more of the Lord in and through my daily life. Please and thank you.

It is indeed a wonderful thing to know My blessed Lord has redeemed both the day of my conception and the day of my birth. They say it’s my birthday, but who really knows? I do know it’s a good day to celebrate life and life more abundantly. This is a day that He has made for me and I will worship Him with the prayerful chorus He awoke me with.

4 thoughts on “They Say It’s My Birthday

  1. Happy birthday, Bro. William! Was I supposed to giggle at parts of this? Because I did. It is only right we celebrate your birth. At conception and for 40 weeks you were a gift to your momma, at your birth you became a gift to so many more. 🙂 But if you’re feeling extra celebratory, you can celebrate in late May too! 😉 Enjoy your special day!

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