The 3 R’s of VISION

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

Helen Keller said that. She understood more than most of humanity about the limitations of blindness. However, she also understood the advantages of living with vision.

Many weeks ago I began doing a Facebook live video from my office each week on Thursday mornings. This has been another means of staying in touch with my congregation during our campus closure. It’s been a good thing for us all.

This Thursday morning feature is something that I plan on continuing, at least for the next few months. It helps us stay connected. Also, it’s a means of encouraging other pastors and Christians I know from my wider circles.

For my last Thursday opportunity, I chose to give a quick talk on vision. It’s not the best quality video you’ll see on the internet today. I use a simple low tech solution with an iPad and a Shure microphone. But the audio is decent quality and that’s what I’m asking you to listen to.

I know that most of my blog readers are used to being in and out here in five or six minutes. That’s because I attempt to only serve 500 – 600 words per blog. So I’m asking for more time than what you usually spend here.

Maybe you can just start it playing and listen while you work on something else. If you’ve ever thought the concept of vision was not clear, maybe this talk will help.

I described biblical vision as a revelation, a reflection, and a requirement. More importantly, I discussed vision in the context of the local church.

I trust you’ll enjoy and maybe you can get a little insight. Leave a comment after listening and share your perspective.

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