5 Traits of a Grace-filled Servant

I’ve been convinced for many years that too much attention is given to titles within the Body of Christ.

Sometimes it all appears a bit too carnal for me, and I question if our Lord is pleased with what sometimes seems to be self-aggrandizement.

If I think about it in similar terms such as we read in 1 Corinthians 12, it all seems quite silly. Why would a hand or a foot want to elevate its importance above the rest of the body? And what good would my head and central nervous system be without a body with which to work? 

What if you and I were less concerned about having a title and were more concerned about pleasing the One who saved us? Does it really matter that everyone we know, knows what accomplishments with which we’ve been involved?

I’ve come to the conclusion that less spotlight and more work lights are what is needed to bring glory to our Father in Heaven. Now more than ever, I just want to be a servant of the Lord.

Yes, the New Testament does mention many callings, giftings, and titles. There are apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, bishops, deacons, elders, and more. But many of them have evolved so far out of context that it can be confusing. It’s enough to make my head spin.

One can’t help but wonder who called who and who is mamma and daddy sent. The Body of Christ is not the place to be seeking stardom. We already have a bright and morning star that deserves all of our worship and service.

My point is that if we can keep ourselves content to merely serve the Lord, He will take care of any promotion or elevation that He desires for us. Without seeking after titles or getting caught up in the latest fad, just serve Him.

Step back in time to this biblical description of a “servant of the Lord.” This phrase comes from a passage found in 2 Timothy 2:24-26. In my last reading of it, I see what I believe could be described as a Spirit-inspired job description.

This description was written by the older Paul to the younger Timothy. By this point in the timeline, Timothy had been serving in ministry leadership for some time and was no longer a novice. He had been entrusted with some very weighty responsibilities. However, the Holy Spirit wanted him to have this simple description. He also meant this for every other believer he would disciple.

5 Traits of a Grace-filled Servant

  • You must not be quarrelsome. Causing strife and being baited into arguments does nothing to promote unity.
  • You should display kindness and gentleness to everyone you come into contact with. This even-tempered nature makes it easier to preserve peace.
  • You should be ready and able to teach others. By example and with words, you can help others understand what it means to be a servant-hearted follower of Christ.
  • You are called upon to exhibit patience. This virtue when practiced will be seen as tolerantly enduring the wrong treatment of others.
  • You are called upon to be a humble correcter of opposition. Accomplished critics must be firmly but courteously helped to see the error of their ways.

In short, the servant of the Lord must give up rights to his or her own life. In giving yourself away to Him, you will be used to advance His Kingdom. There will be less of you and more of Him.

Scripture places emphasis on character. When our character is pleasing to the Lord, He is able to bring the needed growth to our competency.

5 thoughts on “5 Traits of a Grace-filled Servant

  1. There isn’t anything God can use in a man or woman, that is interested in exalting themselves” your right where God needs all of us to be’ or we are no good for His purpose, I like this post”

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    • Thank you, please be praying for Axle, his temperature was 103.6 at 11:20 today we are waiting at the pediatrician office now, he’s been sick so often this year’ we could use some prayers “

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